Holus Health Counselling Practice can provide the following services:

Individual Counselling

It takes courage to enter counselling, and admitting that there is something not going well in your life. Talking to a counsellor in a safe and secure setting can be of great benefit.

Counselling  gives you the opportunity to talk about what is really concerning you. Individuals may be concerned about work, relationships, self-esteem or issues from the past that cannot be resolved. No concern is too small or too enormous to bring to counselling.

People who bring their concerns to counselling improve their quality of life. They learn to care about themselves, enhance their relationships and self-esteem. They are able to let go of their troubling past, allowing themselves to lovingly embrace their present.


This involves a much longer and more intense exploration of how one came to have a certain sense of self. Together, counsellor and client look at who and what has shaped the client, closely examining how patterns of reactions have shaped identity.

Childhood experiences and trauma from the past will be explored more deeply. This can be a confronting and emotional journey and psychotherapy can provide a healing process for the person who wants to explore their past more deeply. A helpful journey is facilitated and enriched by a caring counsellor.

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling encourages partners to really talk to each other, offering them a secure space to focus on each other and work through issues and concerns. By learning to deal with the little matters, they can learn to tackle the big ones!

Couples Counselling assists a couple to create the healthy harmonious relationship they desire, teaching them how to  reconnect emotionally. When Couples learn Assertive Communication Styles, partners will successfully learn how to stand up for their own needs and wants, while taking into consideration the needs and wants of others without behaving passively or aggressively.

8-Week Assertive Communication Program

An 8-week program delivering skill sets on Assertive Communication is available to couples who have forgotten the art of meaningful conversation. The program is made up of exercises and set tasks to promote healthy communication, eliminating the misunderstandings that lead to arguments. The skills learnt in the 8 week program can also be adapted to other aspects of life in addition to your personal relationships.

Family Counselling

Using the Milan Therapy framework we seek to unravel the complex issues that present in family dynamics. Together we sequence events, past issues, present concerns and explore the patterns of behaviour that are not helpful and implement new ways of relating to one another that create family harmony and restore a positive family system.

Meeghan is a qualified supervisor, having completed the Rise Up program enabling her to provide professional supervision (Clinical) to counsellors and psychotherapists.

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